A dictionary that focuses on defining critical terminology related to political processes, elections, disability, assistive devices, and inclusive practices.


Raised symbols that can be used where persons may not be fluent in Braille.


Tactile ballot guide

Paper or plastic sleeves with Braille or tactile symbols in which ballots are placed. Using the guide, an elector is able to independently mark the ballot, and once the sleeve is removed, the ballot is identical to any other election ballot.

Tactile ballots

Ballots specially made to have Braille or tactile systems printed directly on the ballot. For most elections, only a few of these ballots are printed and used.

Twin-track approach

Includes mainstreaming disability throughout activities and policies, as well as providing activities specifically for persons with disabilities. For example, persons with disabilities could be featured in voter education materials, as well as developing voter education materials targeted solely toward persons with disabilities