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A group of youth draw a chart together
March 2018

Q&A with Rasha Rajab

Rasha Rajab, a young Syrian with a disability living in Turkey is a member of an advocacy group and is currently studying business in Gaziantep. A brief Q&A, which has been lightly edited for clarity, is available below. 


As a member of a volunteer advocacy group, what can you tell us about your experiences and how you are engaging in political life in Turkey?


My experience with the ...

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A female wheelchair user and a male seated next to her draft an advocacy plan
Feb. 2018

Advocacy for Disability-Inclusive Participation in Europe training

Representatives of disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) from five Eastern European countries-- Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine--joined together in Prague, Czech Republic, on 5-7 December, 2017, to participate in the “Advocacy for More Effective Inclusion in Political and Public Life” training. The training, which focused on effective political advocacy skills and comparative regional experiences, was organized by International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in partnership with “Agate” Rights Defense Center ...

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Women with disabilities sit around a round table and talk to each other
Oct. 2017

Kenyan Women with Disabilities Create Policy Platform

According to the World Health Organization, 15 percent of the world’s population have a disability; 60 percent of persons with disabilities are women, or approximately four million Kenyan women with disabilities. Women are often marginalized, encountering attitudinal, institutional, and other barriers to their political participation, an effect that is compounded for women with disabilities. In order to amplify the voices of Kenyan women with disabilities to participate in political life, ...

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