This section provides different types of resources, including relevant publications, definitions related to elections and disability, examples of voter education materials and assistive devices, and key excerpts from national, regional and international laws.

Country List

Each country page offers excerpts from national constitutions, election laws, and relevant legislation affecting the rights of persons with disabilities to participate in political processes.

Voter Education & Assistive Devices

Best practice examples of assistive devices such as tactile ballot guides and of materials from voter education campaigns, including television advertisements and radio spots.


A collection of publications that share ideas, expertise, best practices and general information related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in political processes.

International Laws & Regulations

Excerpts from international and regional legislation, declarations, and commitments in which the rights of persons with disabilities to the political process are guaranteed.


A dictionary that focuses on defining critical terminology related to political processes, elections, disability, assistive devices, and inclusive practices.


Lexicons are related phrases and concepts defined in sign language