A dictionary that focuses on defining critical terminology related to political processes, elections, disability, assistive devices, and inclusive practices.

Absentee Ballot

Ballot cast by a voter unable to vote in person at his or her polling place on Election Day.


A site, facility, work environment, service, or program that is easy to approach, enter, operate, participate in and/or use safely, independently and with dignity by persons with disabilities. For example, a polling station is more accessible if a voter who uses a wheelchair can maneuver unaided.

Accessible formats

Print, audio, or visual information that is accessible to persons with disabilities, e.g. Braille, tactile, large print, sign language, and easy-to-read formats.

Assistive tool

A device that aids completion of a task or other function that might otherwise be difficult or impossible, e.g. a tactile ballot guide or a magnifying glass.

Audio ballot

A ballot in which a set of offices and/or candidates is presented to the voter in spoken form, rather than written form.