Our Vote, Our Strength

Updated: January 2016

Self-advocates with disabilities produced a video to inform Croatians with disabilities about their right to vote in elections, after a new law was passed to remove the connection between legal capacity and the right to vote. The video was created by Udruga za Samozastupanje ("Association for Self Advocacy") and Association GONG, and funded by the European Union.




(Participants are speaking in Croatian)

Narrator: More than 16 thousand persons completely deprived of legal capacity this year will be able to vote for the first time.

Man #1: The right to vote is no longer connected with legal capacity.  

Man #2: I am 65 years old and I am happy that I will be able to vote once again.

Woman #1: If I do not vote...

Woman #2: ...others decide for me.

Woman #3: And maybe my vote is the deciding one.


-- End of transcript --