Mobile ballot voting training for election observers

Updated: April 2015

This video, co-produced by the Ukrainian Central Election Commission and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), was used to train international and domestic election observers about Ukraine's electoral regulations regarding the mobile ballot box in advance of the 2014 elections. Mobile ballot boxes are organized by the Precinct Election Commissions, or PEC.




(Narrator is speaking in Ukrainian, with subtitles in English)

Narrator: The PEC will provide for a voter who is included in the voter list for the election precinct, but who is incapable of moving independently because of age, physical disability, or state of health, with the opportunity to vote at his or her place of residence. To that end, on the last day before the Election Day, the PEC is to create, at its meeting, an excerpt from the voter list, which will immediately after its creation be made available for public review at PEC premises. (in progress)


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