Mobile ballot voting training for election observers

Updated: October 2023

This video, co-produced by the Ukrainian Central Election Commission and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), was used to train international and domestic election observers about Ukraine's electoral regulations regarding the mobile ballot box in advance of the 2014 elections. Mobile ballot boxes are organized by the Precinct Election Commissions, or PEC.




(Narrator is speaking in Ukrainian, with subtitles in English)

Narrator: The PEC will provide for a voter who is included in the voter list for the election precinct, but who is incapable of moving independently because of age, physical disability, or state of health, with the opportunity to vote at his or her place of residence. To that end, on the last day before the Election Day, the PEC is to create, at its meeting, an excerpt from the voter list, which will immediately after its creation be made available for public review at PEC premises. Voting at voters' places is to be organized in such a way that the members of the PEC involved in organizing such voting will be able to return to the polling place no later than one hour prior to the end of voting - that is, by 19:00 [7:00 p.m.].

Voting at voters' place of residence is to be organized by no fewer than three PEC members appointed by decision of the election commission on the eve of Election Day, who must be representatives of different political parties and/or MP candidates. The PEC head is to announce the departure of the PEC members facilitating voting at voters' place of residence and provide them with the excerpt from the voter list.

A control sheet is to be dropped into a mobile ballot box which is to be sealed with tape or affixed with a seal; on the control sheet, it is required to indicate the ballot box number, the time (hour and minutes), when the PEC members departed to conduct mobile voting, the numbers of ballot papers they received (separately for the nationwide and single-member election district), and the last names of the PEC members to whom the ballot papers were handed over. The control sheet is to be signed by the election commission members present, whose signatures are to be affixed with the seal of the commission, and, upon request, by MP candidates, their proxies, authorized persons of parties, and official observers.

When organizing voting at a voter's place of residence, a PEC member reviews the identification document presented by the voter and confirms his or her Ukrainian citizenship, and finds the voter's name in the excerpt from the voter list. The voter is to certify receipt of the ballot papers by putting his or her signature in the excerpt from the voter list. Then the PEC member enters his or her last name and initials, signs in the relevant places on the counterfoils of the ballot papers for voting in the nationwide district and in the respective single-member district, and records the voter's number in the voter list.

The voter puts his or her signature on the counterfoils of the ballot papers. The PEC member detaches the counterfoils from the ballot papers and issues the ballot papers to the voter for voting. The voter fills out the ballot papers and drops them into the ballot box. After organizing voting at voters' places of residence, the PEC members return to the polling place. The mobile ballot box that they used is to be placed within plain view of the members of the PEC, MP candidates, their proxies, parties' authorized persons, official observers, and mass media representatives.

The PEC member who issued the ballot papers to a voter places the mark "voted at the place of residence" next to the voter's name, enters his or her own last name, and puts his or her signature.


-- End of transcript --