Political Participation of Women and Men with Disabilities in Tunisia: An IFES Assessment

Updated: May 2019
Image from page 7 of the report shows cartoons of persons with disabilities holding cards with facts from the report

In December 2018, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) published "Political Participation of Women and Men with Disabilities in Tunisia: An IFES Assessment", a document that outlines barriers to and opportunities for persons with disabilities who face multiple forms of marginalization.


The report highlights the following findings:


  1. There is a lack of data reltated to the number of Tunisian voters with disabilities and where they live.
  2. Tunisia does have a supportive policy framework for inclusion of persons with disabilities in electoral processes.
  3. The Independent High Election Institute (ISIE) toko numerous steps to make the electoral process accessible for the municipal council elections.
  4. There was not enough active consultation between disabled people's organization (DPOs) and government stakeholders to ensure assistive devices and materials were effective.
  5. The process of getting a disability card and related policies are negatively impacting the political participation of Tunisians with disabilities.
  6. Outreach to persons with disabilities regarding information about the municipal council elections was insufficient.


To read the full report, select the PDF link below visit IFES' website here.


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