Accessible Elections for Persons with Disabilities in Five Southeast Asian Countries

Updated: August 2021
The front cover shows a woman wearing glasses. She is in front of a ballot box underneath a tent and is casting her vote.

Developed for AGENDA by the Center for Election Access of Citizens with Disabilities (PPUA Penca) in Jakarta, Indonesia

Countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam




Written by Heppy Sebayang, Program Manager at PPUA-AGENDA

PPUA Penca, with the support of partner organizations that are members of AGENDA, has successfully delivered a regional report on accessible elections for persons with disabilities in five Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Lao PDR, and Vietnam. The data and information contained in this study is a description of to which extent the elections took place in five countries in where they have realized the political rights of persons with disabilities. The political rights of persons with disabilities cover the right to vote in elections freely and without hindrance, the right to run as a candidate to be elected, and the right to be appointed as an election organizer.



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