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according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

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Kyrgyzstan Parliament 2021


16 May 2019

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic (2010)

Updated: June 2015

Article 52, section 1 states:

Citizens shall have the right to:

  • (1) participate in the discussion and adoption of laws and decisions of republican and local significance;
  • (2) to elect and to be elected to state authorities and local self governance bodies in accordance with the procedures established by the present Constitution and the law;
  • (3) to take part in referenda in accordance with procedures established by the constitutional law.


Article 66, section 2 states:

In the event that the President is unable to carry out his/her duties as a result of illness, the Jogorku Kenesh shall adopt a decision on early dismissal of the President from office based on the conclusion of a state medical commission created by it, with a vote of no less than two thirds of the total number of deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh.


Article 73, section 3 states:

In addition to the ground envisaged in paragraph 2 of the present article the powers of the deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh shall be subject to early termination in the following cases:...

  • (7) Absence from the sittings of the Jogorku Kenesh for no good reason for 30 and more working days during one session...


Excerpts from the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic (2010)