Inclusive Democracy Exhibit

Updated: May 2021

To celebrate Tunisia's International Day of Democracy 2020, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) developed the "New Tech Inclusive Democracy Exhibit" with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Democracy Exhibit uses new technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality (VR) and interactive videos, to teach visitors about democracy and election in an accessible manner. The video features interviews with visitors with visual and auditory disabilities about their experience visiting the exhibit. 


[Transcript begins]


Saadi Mohamed Riadh: It was an excellent event. I thank you for the initiative. I also applaud the quality of the mobile application- it's excellent and enriching. The platform is excellent as well, it contains a lot of useful enriching information and it is easy to explore. It was an excellent experience. 


Abir Chenaoui: It was an important experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. I was invited and I came from Sousse to closely discover the Democracy Exhibit and learn. Indeed, this is so respectful towards Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. This can only make us proud so we can advance and understand more about elections and the voting process. I hope we continue advocating and defend our cause so that we will all be equal. 


Saadi Mohamed Riadh: I liked the technologies that you used for instance augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It was so fruitful and enriching. Today, I knew more about the project after trying the mobile application and visiting the Exhibit. It was honestly excellent. 


Abir Chenaoui: During my visit, I liked the station dedicated to the history of Tunisia. I'm so happy to see our culture and history. I did not know about it before. I never knew the history of Tunisia, so I am really happy.


Saadi Mohamed Riadh: In the exhibit, I loved the 3D Miniature totems as well as the audio capsules; they were easy and clear, I also applaud the screen reader available in the mobile application. 


[Transcript ends]