Team Up for Inclusive Elections: Hyhoriy Huk

Updated: October 2020

In October 2020, the disabled person's organization Fight for Right developed several videos to support the local Ukrainian election and increase voter education for persons with disabilities. The videos are a part of the Team Up for Inclusive Elections Project and supported by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and Global Affairs Canada. A transcript of the video is available below. 


[Transcript begins]



Hyhoriy Huk: I am Hryhoryi. My life is dancing.

Choreography, one can say, is an art craft.

You get the rhythm and adjust your movements to it.

And later things become one single piece.

The secret of a successful dance is when you are able to show your personality through your moves and music.

I am Deaf from birth, but I can feel the music with my body and teach others to do it as well.

There are around three million voters who have some type of disability in Ukraine, and every day we accomplish more than people would expect from us!

Voting is important for every single one of us!

I will go to vote on October 25, so my voice is heard!


Narrator: COVID imprisoned you at home, but don’t let it take away your vote!

Before visiting the polling station, don’t forget to put on your mask and gloves, take a pen, use hand sanitizer and keep 1.5 meters distance.

Are you still hesitant about whether your vote counts?

There are 2.7 million voters who have some type of disability in Ukraine.

If you don’t vote, we will lose 7% of all votes!

Voters with auditory disabilities can: communicate with election commission members in a convenient way. Use mobile phones or other devices for sign language interpretation purposes, request information in accessible formats.


Hyhoriy Huk: Let’s vote!



[Transcript ends]