Ruderman White Paper on Voting Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Updated: October 2016

The Ruderman Foundation released this video in 2016 to accompany a recently published "White Paper on Voting Accessibility for People with Disabilities" in the United States. A transcript follows.


--Transcript Begins--


VOICEOVER: This election, if you are an American citizen, you can vote privately and independently. Unless… You are one of the 20% of Americans with disabilities. According to the just-released Ruderman White Paper. In 2008, 73% of all polling places had some kind of potential access barrier. In 2012 3 million voters with disabilities stayed home due to access barriers. It may seem hopeless, but… As quadriplegic Congressman Langevin tells us, “The first time that I ever voted independently on my own was when I became Secretary of State and overhauled the voting system… in 1998.” We already know how to solve these problems. It’s high time we implement the solutions. So in 2016 before the beginning of November have a say in helping every citizen to have a say. Contact your local Secretary of State and demand that the legal provisions for voting accessibility be fully implemented. To read the full Ruderman White Paper on Voting Accessibility For People with Disabilities go to


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