Interview on Voting in India with Persons with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Updated: July 2016
A young man who has autism is speaking

In 2016, Disability Rights Alliance (DRA), a collective of disabled persons' organizations (DPOs) in India, asked voters with intellectual and developmental disabilities about voting. These interviews supported DRA's advocacy with the Election Commission of India (ECI) to enfranchise persons wtih intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. Srinivasa Prasad, a young man who has autism, was one of the voters interviewed as part of this project. Transcripts of the videos are below.


Srinivasa Prasad


-- Transcript Begins --


Srinivasa Prasad: People who are nonverbal, they need communication chart and, too, they need more time to put vote and someone to guide them.


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Sriram - Election Access


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Sriram: There are no ramps when I go to vote.


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Sriram - Voting Decision


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Sriram: It is us who will decide on casting our vote. You cannot decide.


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Sunder Ram


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Companion (Sunder Ram's Mom): Common say...


Sunder Ram: Will have to vote; ramp must be put up/fixed.


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