How to use this site

This section offers website users an overview of where to locate materials for research, descriptions for how excerpts from national laws are sorted, and ways that materials could be used elsewhere.


Resources on


There are many different types of materials available, including:

  • Examples of inclusive voter education, training materials, and assistive devices
  • Legal excerpts from international and national laws
  • Publications about political participation by persons with disabilities

These resources can be used by researchers, disability rights leaders, election management officials, and civil society members in a variety of ways. For example, election management officials could examine the voter education materials to see what has been done and how it could be replicated - or even improved. Or, disability rights leaders can search through international and national laws to learn what their country or region has committed to doing, or whether there are national laws that need to be reformed.


Where information is located


  • Voter education: Posters, brochures, buttons, and booklets can be found here. Radio spots are available here. Public service announcements are shared here.


  • Training materials: Manuals and reference guides for poll workers and election officials are provided here. Training videos for poll workers are shared here.


  • Assistive devices: Examples of tactile ballot guides, thick pens, and other devices are available here.


  • Excerpts from laws, regulations, and commitments: International laws, regulations and commitments are located here. For national laws, searches can be conducted from the homepage map (here) or on the country list (here).


  • Publications: Research reports, manuals and checklists can be found here.


How national laws are organized


When you view country pages, such as the Dominican Republic, you may notice that legislative excerpts on country pages have been sorted into four categories, which are described and defined below. These categories are intended to assist researchers and disability rights advocates in quickly identifying law sections or articles that are of interest to their work. The categories are:


  • General Right to Vote: includes any excerpts from legislation that confers or enforces the voting rights of the general population.


  • Exclusion or Potential Exclusion Based on Disability: includes any excerpts from legislation that clearly inhibit the rights of persons with disabilities in the electoral process as well as legislation that could create barriers or disenfranchise electors with disabilities.


  • Assistive Tools and Policies: includes any excerpts from legislation or official electoral policies that refer to the rights and capabilities of persons with disabilities to access and participate in the electoral process by means of assistive tools and devices, including the ability for a person with a disability to request assistance from a person of their choosing.


  • Candidacy or Holding Office: includes any excerpts from legislation that state the rights or requirements for people to campaign and serve in office.