Ensuring Inclusive Elections during COVID-19

Updated: July 2020
Three people wearing masks wait in line while maintaining their distance from one another at a polling station in North Macedonia.

The Association for Promotion and Development of Inclusive Society (INKLUZIVA), with support from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), produced this voter education video to inform voters of electoral procedures ahead of the July 2020 early parliamentary elections. This video, which includes sign interpretation, provides information about measures by the State Election Commission (SEC) to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and ensure equal access to the electoral process. The video is available below with a transcript in English.


(Transcript begins)


Male narrator: Your voice decides!


Female narrator: You have rights! Protect yourself and vote.


Male narrator: If you are a Macedonian citizen over 18 years old, you have the right to vote!


Female narrator: First check if you are registered in the voters list and at which polling station you are voting.


Male narrator: You can do the check on the website of the State Election Commission https://izbirackispisok.gov.mk/, or in the premises of the Municipal Election Commission.


Female narrator: On Election Day, you  must have a valid ID card or your passport with you.


Male narrator: You will not be able to vote if you do not wear a protective mask over your nose, mouth and chin.


Female narrator: In front of the entrance, inside and at the exit of the polling station, you must wait in line and keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from the other voters.


Male narrator: When entering the polling station, you have to disinfect your hands.


Female narrator: At the first member of the election board, you have to show your right hand to be checked with a UV lamp.


Male narrator: Then to establish your identify, you submit your ID card or passport, then briefly take off the protective mask for identification while maintaining the recommended distance of 1 – 1.5 meters from the members of the EB. You continue the procedure by signing the voters list. You can use a signature borderline.


Female narrator: After you sign, you will be handed the ballot. You also have the right to vote with the support of the braille template.


Male narrator: At the last member of the election board, you extend your right hand to be marked with UV spray and head to the voting screen. At the voting screen, you vote personally and secretly! On the ballot paper, you circle a number, in front of the name of the candidate or political party you want to vote for. Once you have filled it out, you fold the ballot paper and drop it into the ballot box.


Female narrator: After voting, you pick up your ID or passport, re-disinfect your hands and leave the polling station.


Male narrator: If you cannot vote on your own, you have the right to a companion.


Female narrator: If the polling station is not accessible, ask to vote at home before the election.


Male narrator: Remember! Like all other voters, in exercising the right to vote in the 2020  Parliamentary Elections, you  must respect and implement the measures and recommendations adopted by the State Election Commission. That is, to adhere to the health protocol for prevention and protection from COVID-19. Your voice decides!


(Transcript ends)