Voters Voice App by the Victorian Electoral Commission

Updated: August 2018
Graphic of hand placing vote into ballot box with text "Voters Voice"

The Victorian Electoral Commission released the App Voters Voice, which provides information about the enrolling and voting process for Victorian voters who have a complex communication difficulty, English language or literacy issues, or those who use Australian Sign Language. This version is provided specifically for the 24 November 2018 Victorian State election. 

The App provides:

  • Information in various easy to understand formats (written, audio, visual and Auslan) on how to enrol and vote correctly
  • An electronic communication board for voters who cannot speak or have difficulty making themselves understood; it contains pre-prepared phrases and can be used to ‘speak; or ‘show’ the relevant response to election staff at the voting centre
  • Alert notifications and reminders at key points during the election period
  • Voting Centre Locator, allowing the voter to find their two nearest election day voting centres or their nearest early voting centre and get directions
  • The ability to automatically request an enrolment form
  • The ability for multiple voters to add their details and use the app
  • The ability to provide direct feedback to the Victorian Electoral Commission about the app.

The App is available to download on Google here:

Available to download on Apple here: