Videos in Sign Language Encouraging Voter Registration in Zimbabwe

Updated: May 2018
Zimbabwean male stands in front of a tent with his voter registration card

The Deaf Zimbabwe Trust recorded video messages of young voters who are Deaf to raise awareness about the voter registration process it order to mobilize youth and persons with disabilities to register to vote. A link to the video in Zimbabwean Sign Language on FaceBook is provided, as well as a transcirpt in English below.


(Transcript Begins) 

Hello, hello everyone. Today I’ve registered to vote. I’ve come here to this tent that you can see here. It’s not very difficult to register to vote, it’s very easy. I have ID, I spoke to the police and they were so anxious to teach me how to register to vote. I give them my details, I give them my fingerprints. It’s not even that difficult. It’s very okay. Where do you go to vote? So they will tell you the place you are going to vote when they are finished putting in the details. so I put in my address (provides address) and that’s where I will go to vote because that’s near where I live. When you arrive, you will see a tent and that’s where you register to vote. That’s where you stay. So please, please, please, do the same that I have done.  See? (holds up card) I’ve gotten my certificate of registration. So, when you are done, they will give you this. Please don’t lose it. It truly is very important, this paper. Understand? Thank you!

(Transcript ends)