Kenya Raising Voices

Updated: March 2018
A Woman with albinism speaks into a microphone

In 2017, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of Kenya, with the support of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) produced voter education videos, providing information on voting day for youth and persons with disabilities. The video is available in English and a transcript of the video is below.


(Transcript begins)


I have a message for the entire youth team. I would urge them to maintain peace because there is life after August 8th, 2017. It’s important for young people to vote because it’s a way of exercising our constitutional right and it’s also our way of exercising our democracy. Youth twendeni tukavote! My name is Purity Mueni, and I live in Machakos. I have a vote and I will vote at Muli Mutisya Primary School on August 8th, 2017. I want to urge all persons with disability to come out and vote because IEBC has put in place measures to ensure we will vote directly without queueing. I would like to get a caring leader for all Kenyans and mostly for us, the disabled, as most of the time we are neglected as if we are not human beings. What I would like to say is that let us pray for peace before and after the elections. My name is Beth Mutiso, I live in Machakos and work as a business lady. I urge all persons with disability to come out and vote on August 8th 2017, and vote for leaders of their choice. We will not queue and will have clerks to help us even for those can’t read or write. So let’s come out and vote on August 8th 2017, starting from 6am to 5pm. I am Yvonne Nyakirario, I am here in Machakos County, Machakos town where we are having our main show. I am here representing people living with albinism. All I have to tell people living with albinism is on August 8th, 2017 they should come out and vote. IEBC has put in place measures for people like us living with albinism when you arrive at the polling  station you will be given first priority and you will vote and go home early, so don’t be afraid of queuing in the scorching sun.