Accessible Strategies for the October 09 2011 Presidential Election

Updated: January 2016

This video, produced by the Election Commission of Cameroon (ELECAM) in advance of the October 2011 presidential elections, announces and discusses the addition of pilot accessible polling centers throughout Cameroon for the election, as well as accessibility measures being taken at regular polling centers. It also includes an interview with Dr. Joseph Oye, from Sightsavers Cameroon. 




(music plays, singing)

Man: (speaking in French) Hi, Patience.

Woman: Hello, viewers and listeners. Thanks for tuning in once more to Elecam Handi, the bilingual program that zooms in on accessible elections in Cameroon through news, views, and interviews.

Man: (speaking in French)

Dr. Oye: (speaking in French)

Woman: In the same vein with Dr. Joseph Oye, it is worth indicating that, apart from ordinary polling stations, there are some 12 pilot stations being made accessible for the October 9th polls. These are groups one and two of the government primary school of Bonaberi and the government primary school of New Bell in the Littoral region. (speaking in French) The government high school of Ekounou in the center region in Yaounde, the government high school of Cite de Verde in the center region, the chief’s palace in the Littoral region, the Mafe Town Hall in the southwest region, the Our Lady of Lord’s College in Dschang and college de la Cite in Bafoussam west region, and primary school Ecole and public school Meri in the far north region, and finally, the government university health center in the Adamoa region. These are definitely the pilot polling centers, which are accessible on election day.

Man: (speaking French)

Woman: Good-bye, viewers, and (sound for video cuts out)


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