Inclusion for All

Updated: January 2016

The domestic observer group Democracy in Action (DiA) and HandiKos produced this public service announcement in early 2015 to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities in Kosovo's society, with support from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).




(Participants are speaking in Albanian, with subtitles in Serbo-Croatian)

A man who is blind sits in front of a laptop, typing.

Narrator: Dear Mayor, I am writing regarding the lack of parking in our neighborhood. This has been a big problem for our neighborhood, given that the inhabitatnts have to walk quite a lot from their parking spot.

Two young women with disabilities sit on a park bench. One is deaf and is using sign language, and the other has Down syndrome.

First woman (using sign language): We finished university, and are already working. It's time we do something more for the country.

Second woman: I'm thinking about joining a political party.

Two students are sitting in an office set at a university. The first student is a woman, and the second student is a man using a wheelchair.

First student: I got a B today, and I rejected the grade because it lowers my GPA.

Second student: Well, study and get a better grade in the next term, because when I get elected to be President I will need a good advisor.


Narrator: Everyone benefits from inclusion.


-- End of transcript --