Election Day Pocket Guide

Updated: December 2017
A cartoon character stands in a polling booth

In 2017, the State Election Commission, with support from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), published a pocket guide for poll workers with information for election day. The pocket guide included a page on supporting voters with disabilities.


The text of the page reads:

Voter who requires assistance (illiterate or has physical disability)

  • is entitled to bring a person to assist him/her with voting;
  • Otherwise, EB designates another voter to assist him/her. One voter may assist no more than two voters who require assistance to vote;
  • Assisted voting is recorded in the protocol (Forms no. 16) and in the event logbook (p. 63-64 of the Manual)

Voter who can't access polling station:

  • Access to polling station is facilitated by other voters selected randomly by the EB (p. 48 of the Manual).

Interruption fo voting

Voting proceeds continuously. The president of the EB interrupts the voting only (p.67-68 of the Manual):

  • When peace and order at the polling station is disturbed;
  • In case of natural disasters or other emergencies;
  • If the police is not securing the building and the access to the polling station or has not responded to a call by the EB.


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