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Population with a disability

according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

Election Dates

28 January 2009

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Election Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2003, last amended 2013)

Updated: June 2015

Article 22.4 states:

Powers of an election commission member with decisive voting rights shall be immediately terminated in the following cases:…(5)… on the coming into force of a court decision recognizing the relevant election commission member as incapacitated or with limited capacity, or considering him/her as missing or dead…


Article 73-1.3 states:

The compelling grounds for withdrawing candidacy of a registered candidate and for withdrawing candidates of political parties or a bloc of political parties, shall a court decision declaring the registered candidate incapacitated as a result of a serious illness, confirmed by the relevant medical examination body and specified in the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, or an illness that affects his/her health or makes it impossible for him/her to participate in the election campaign.


Assistive tools and policies


Article 17.6.19 states:

[The Election Referendum Bodies] must create all possible opportunities for participation in elections for disabled voters or voters with other physical handicaps, as well for those living in distant or impassible places who require special voting conditions.


Article 19.6 states:

Election commission members with decisive voting rights shall be obliged to participate in all meetings of the commission, except in cases of illness and/or for other valid reasons.


Article 46.7 states:

Voters’ Lists for the precincts where voters are temporarily located (hospitals, sanatoriums, rest homes) and for ships sailing on election day, shall be approved at least 5 days prior to Election Day by the relevant Precinct Election Commission on the basis of information provided by heads of the facilities where the voters are temporarily located or by the captain of the ship, and checked by the Precinct Election Commission.


Article 47.5 states:

Voters who are in hospitals, sanatoriums, or rest homes shall be included in the Voter’s Lists of the election precincts created there on the basis of an identification card or other substitute document.


Article 47.7 states:

Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan not able to move may be included in voters’ lists according to information provided by their relatives or other persons with whom they have relations. in such case, the identification card or a substitute document of the disabled citizen must be presented.


Article 104.9 states:

Every voter shall vote in person and alone. To vote in place of other persons shall be prohibited. Ballot papers shall be marked in a room or booth where nobody is authorized to enter and equipped with special technical to ensure the secrecy of the vote. A disabled voter who is not able to mark the ballot paper without assistance may invite any other person into the voting booth or room, except members of Precinct Election Commissions or observers. The surname and initials of this person shall be indicated with the voter’s signature on receipt of the ballot paper in the Voter’s List.


Excerpts from the Election Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2003, last amended 2013)

Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic (1995, last amended 2009)

Updated: June 2015

Article 56 states:

Persons whose incapacity has been determined by the court shall not have the right to participate in the elections as well as in the referendum…”


Excerpt from the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic (1995, last amended 2009)