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19 May 2014

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Electoral Law No. 7 (2004)

Updated: June 2015

Article 19 states:

Angolan citizens, who have active electoral capacity, with full enjoyment of their civil and political and not subject  to  any  general  or  special  ineligibility,  are  eligible  for  election  as  a  Deputy  to  the  National Assembly.


Article 32, clause 3 states:

In case of the death, illness or other reason that causes a physical impossibility for the exercise of the mandate, the seat shall be attributed to the next immediate candidate on the list in accordance with the order of precedence referred to in paragraph 1.


Article 36, clause 1 states:

The temporary substitution of the holder of the seat in the National Assembly shall be allowed where the vacancy results from one of the following circumstances: …b) In the event of illness lasting more than forty-five days…


Article 66 states:

The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Tribunal  shall, within twenty-four hours of having official notice of the  withdrawal  ,  incapacity  or  death  of  a  candidate,  communicate  the  matter  to  the  National  Election Commission and within the same period, cause the withdrawal, incapacity or death of a candidate to be published in the Third Series of the Government Gazette (Diário of the Republic)  and to set out in an edict affixed to the door of the Constitutional Tribunal.


Article 67, clause 1 states:

In case of the death of any candidate or the occurrence of any fact that results in the incapacity of the candidate… the fact shall be communicated to the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Tribunal… with an indication of the intention to substitute or not the candidate…


Article 69 states:

Parliamentary candidates may be substituted up to fifteen days before the parliamentary elections, except in the following cases:…

  • (b) death or illness which results in the physical or mental incapacity of the candidate…


Article 104, clause 3 states:

The officials must know how to read and write Portuguese…


Article 104, clause 5 states:

The performance of the duties of the officials of the Polling Station is obligatory unless justified by one of the following grounds or other just cause:…

  • (a) Illness or physical impossibility documented by the competent health board…


Excerpts from the Electoral Law No. 7 (2004)

Constitution of the Republic of Angola (1975, last amended 2010)

Updated: June 2015

Article 110, clause 1 states:

Citizens of Angolan origin aged at least thirty-five who…are in full possession of their civil and political rights and physical and mental capacities shall be eligible for election as President of the Republic.


Article 129, clause 1 states:

The President of the Republic may be removed from office in the following circumstances…

  • (c) Due to permanent physical and mental incapacity…


Article 130, clause 1 states:

The office of the President of the Republic shall become vacant in the following circumstances:…

  • (c) Removal from office;
  • (d) Permanent physical or mental incapacity…


Article 131, clause 2 states:

The Vice-President shall substitute the President of the Republic when he is absent from the country, unable to perform his duties and in any situations in which  he  is  temporarily  unable  to  perform  his  functions  and  they  shall, in these  circumstances,  be  responsible  for  the  daily  management  of executive functions.


Article 132 states:

(1)  If the office of the elected President of the Republic elect becomes vacant, the duties shall be performed by the Vice-President, who shall complete the term of office with full powers. 

(2)  Should the situation referred to in the previous point arise or should the office of Vice-President become vacant, the President of the Republic shall appoint an  individual  elected  to  Parliament  by  the  list  of  the  political  party  or coalition  of  political  parties  which  receives  the  most  votes  to  perform the duties of the Vice-President, having consulted the political party or coalition of parties which presented the candidate for President of the Republic, under the terms of Articles 109 and 142 onwards of this Constitution. 

(3)  Should  both  the  President  of  the  Republic  and  the  Vice-President  become permanently and simultaneously unable to perform their duties, the President of  the  National  Assembly  shall  assume  the  duties  of  the  President  of  the Republic until new general elections are held, which must happen within one hundred and twenty days of verification of their inability to serve. 

(4)  Should  the  President  of  the  Republic  elect  become  permanently  unable  to perform his duties before his inauguration, he shall be replaced by the Vice-President elect, and a substitute Vice-President shall be appointed under the terms of point 2 of this Article. 

(5)  Should both the President of the Republic elect and the Vice-President elect become permanently and simultaneously unable to perform their duties prior to taking up office, the political party or coalition of political parties whose list elected the President and Vice-President so impeded shall be responsible for  appointing  their  substitutes  from  among  Members  elected  by  the  same list, to take up office  

(6)  The  Constitutional  Court  shall  be  responsible  for  verifying  the  cases  of permanent inability to serve, as prescribed in this Constitution.


Article 145, clause 1 states:

The following shall be ineligible for election as Members:…

  • (d) Individuals legally defined as incapacitated…


Article 151, clause 1 states:

Members shall be suspended from office in the following cases:…

  • (b) Due to illness lasting more than ninety days…


Article 153 states:

(1) Members shall be permanently replaced in the following circumstances:…

  • (d) Permanent incapacity…

(2) When a Member needs to be substituted, their seat shall be filled in order of  precedence  by  the  next  Member  on  the  party  or  coalition  party  list  from  which the former Member had been elected.  


Excerpts from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola (1975, last amended 2010)