Election of the Members of the House of Representatives (2017)

Updated: August 2021

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Article 41, Admission to Polling Stations states:

The Polling Officer shall not allow other persons, except the following persons, to enter into the polling station:

(a) Voters
(g) An immediate family member that accompanies a person with a visual impairment or person with physical disability 


Article 42, Disabled Voters states:

Disabled Voters: If any voter is unable to vote by him/herself due to visual impairment or physical disability or due to any other reason and requests permission for his/her immediate family member to accompany him/her and assist in the task of marking the vote or requests the Polling Officer to assist in the task on marking the vote and if the Polling Officer feels it right, on the basis of the proof of his/her identity card, can give permission to such immediate family member to enter the place of polling along with such voter or according to the wish of such voter may assist him/her in marking the vote.


Excerpt taken from Nepal's Election to the Members of the House of Representatives Act (2017) 

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Article 28, Closed List of Candidates to be Prepared states:

While preparing the closed list of candidates, event the persons with disability shall also be included 

Article 60, Declaration of Result of Proportional Representation Electoral System states:

The Returning Officer shall have to count the ballot papers casted for the election under the Proportional Representation Electoral System and immediately send the total number of valid vote secured by each party to the Commission by stating it in a chart as prescribed.

(6) A party shall, while submitting list pursuant to sub-section (5), send the name list having made representation of dalit, Adibasi Janajati (indigenous and tribal peoples), khas arya, madhesi, tharu, and Muslim, in proportion to the population and number of seats secured by such party referred to in Annex-1 to the extent possible according to the serial number included in the closed list.  The back warded areas and persons with disability shall also be included in such list to the extent as possible.


Excerpt taken from Nepal's Election to the Members of the House of Representatives Act (2017)