Electoral Law (1992)

Updated: June 2015

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Article L3 states:

All Guineas aged eighteen or older on the day of polling who are in full possession of their civil and political rights, notwithstanding the dispositions outlined in article 44 of the Civil Code, who do not find themselves in any case of incapacity provided under the legislation found here, are considered eligible electors.


Article L8 states:

Must not be registered to the voter list except in cases of rehabilitation...

  • (7) individuals who are committed or severely mentally disabled.


Article L95 states:

The proxy vote is given to all included in article 93 as long as they are authorized legally competent.


Excerpts from the Electoral Law (1992)

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Chapter 2, article L79 states:

All voters who are infirm and find it impossible to stuff the envelope may authorize someone of their choice to assist.


Section 4, article L93 states:

May exercise, on their request, their right to vote by proxy, those electors belonging to one of the categories listed here, constrained by the obligations of the electoral constituency where they are registered...

  • (3) Individuals who are hospitalized or treated at home
  • (4) Individuals with a severe disability or invalidity.


Excerpts from the Electoral Law (1992)