Electoral Code (2012)

Updated: June 2015

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Article 7 states:

May not be registered on voter rolls…People who are committed to an institution and people who are barred.

Article 73 states:

To be eligible with the Presidency of the Republic, the candidate must…enjoy civil and political rights.


Excerpts from the Electoral Code (2012)

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Article 50 states:

Any voter, afflicted with a physical disability and as a result of which he or she is unable to insert his ballot in the envelope and place such envelope in the ballot box, shall be allowed to secure the assistance of a person of his or her choice.


Article 62 states:

Any voter falling within any one of the following categories may, upon his or her request, exercise his right to vote by proxy:

(1) patients hospitalized or under home care;

(2) persons seriously disabled and the infirm…


Article 157 states:

…The nomination papers shall be accompanied with a file comprised of the following documents…

(7) a medical certificate issued in the name of the interested party by physicians under oath…


Excerpts from the Electoral Code (2012)