Kyrgyzstan Public Service Announcement

Updated: December 2018

In 2018, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) produced a public service announcement which demonstrates the challenges that persons with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan face while accessing public places and decision-making processes. It features Ilyas Alymbek Uulu, a wheelchair user and alumnus of IFES’ democracy camp program for youth in Kyrgyzstan. An English transcript of the video appears below.


(Transcript begins)

Urmat: Hi there, I’m Urmat! My job is making people laugh, but when we see Akmat’s ramp, all what remains is crying. It seems that this ramp was designed for thrill-seekers to do all that trick stuff. Well, never mind. We will upgrade this ramp!


Young man: You see, it’s really not that hard to build a well-worked ramp that makes accessible any facility. The accessibility, as we have witnessed, is indispensable not only for persons with disabilities.

(Transcript ends)