Captions for videos

To turn captions on when watching a video, move the cursor over the video. A bar should appear at the bottom of the video image. On the right of the bar should be a box with the letters “CC” inside (shown inside a gold circle in the screenshot below).


A screenshot of an election montioring video from Kosovo. A woman is about to speak. A sign language interpreter is in the lower right corner. A sign hovers saying "Subtitles/Captions" over the letters CC.


Click on the box. If there is only one option (e.g. English), captions will automatically appear, as shown below. 


In the same screenshot as the photo above, everything is the same (same woman, same sign language interpreter), except now there are English captions shown on the screen.


If there is more than one language option (e.g. English and Spanish), then a list of languages will appear. Set the captions to the language of your choice, and then click “On” to continue watching the video with captions.


The “options” section in the captions menu allow you to customize the captions by adjusting the font, the font color and size, the background color and size, and other aspects of the captions. To do so, click on the "settings" button in the bar (shown in a gold circle below).


In the same screenshot as before, a cog is shown inside a gold circle and a menu pops up allowing one to turn the captions on or off, with the word "options" next to it



As you can see, there is a small menu that includes a place to turn subtitles / closed captions "on" or "off". Next to the bar is the word "Options".


If you click on "Options", it opens up a menu as shown below:


The screenshot now shows a silver background with Kosovan words on top. The sign interpreter is still there. A see-through black menu has appeard on the screen, with a list of attributes and options for caption features.


From here, you can change any part of the captions that you wish (including font type, color, and size).