Strengthening electoral processes to be inclusive and accessible for all citizens with disabilities.

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Gabrielle McKenzie on tv screen at an event. Other panelists sit on stage in front of US flags
June 2023

Young Advocate Redefines Health Education For Persons With Disabilities

I was quite honored, and I feel like having a person with a disability on the panel was very important because a lot of these programs benefit us; I was so happy to share what we go through, especially girls and women in Guyana.

- Gabrielle McKenzie

While Gabrielle McKenzie worked with students with disabilities in Guyana, she noticed an absence of curriculum about sexual health. She knew ...

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The logo of the Summit for Democracy
April 2023

Summit for Democracy Disability Rights Cohort Concept Note

One out of every seven people in the world has a disability, yet citizens with disabilities remain under-represented in political and public life. Participation of persons with disabilities in government institutions, public policy, and legislation provides the basis for promoting equality in all aspects of society by breaking down social stigmas and increasing accountability. Active engagement in elections ...

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Reuben Mpatiany, a young man with albinism, wearing a suit with a red tie, glasses, and a hat
May 2022

Q & A with Reuben Mpatiany (Narok Albinism Association)

Reuben Mpatiany, is a 26-year-old advocate from Kenya and belongs to an Indigenous community. He is the founder of Narok Albinism Association, which works closely with young people with disabilities as well as the general population of persons with disabilities by partnering with other organizations to empower young people to participate in political processes. He visits different communities to raise awareness around the issues facing young people with disabilities. This ...

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