Videos in Sign Language Encouraging Voter Registration in Zimbabwe

Updated: May 2018
Zimbabwean female stands in front of a tent with her voter registration card

The Deaf Zimbabwe Trust recorded video messages of young voters who are Deaf to raise awareness about the voter registration process it order to mobilize youth and persons with disabilities to register to vote. A link to the video in Zimbabwean Sign Language on FaceBook is provided, as well as a transcirpt in English below. 


(Transcript Begins) 

Hello hello, my name is Lucia. Today I’m very happy because I’ve registered to vote with the BVR (Bio Metric Voter Registration) system. I thought that BVR system was very hard, but it was very easy. The police were there and it was very easy to communicate with them and I was so happy. You see this? (Holds card) This is my certificate of registration. There are not a lot of papers that are there, you only need an ID and a proof of residence where you stay. When they take all that information, they take a photo of you and take the fingerprints, all ten of them. It’s a very easy process. All the Deaf people, please come and register to vote with the BVR system so that next year you will be able to vote. It’s very easy, it’s not hard. So please come register to vote.


(Transcript ends)