Voter Registration of Person with Disabilities in Cambodia

Updated: May 2018
Different disability symbols and film symbol with text Registration of Persons with Disabilities below

The Cambodian Disabled People's Organisation (CDPO) published a video promoting persons with disabilities to register to vote. An English transcript of the PSA, which is in Khmer is available below. 


(Transcript begins) 


My name is Mang Kimleap. I’m the Director of Mang Kimleap Massage. Disabled people they are part of the community. Therefore, people with disabilities are the same as people without disabilities. We have one vote like the others… therefore from the day of registration – 1st of September to 29th November, people with disabilities must go to register to vote because this is such a need. In five year [we vote] one time. Most people with disabilities have been registered to vote. Recently at the vote registration office, I knew there were people who coordinated to help make it very fast – not even 5 minutes they registered us. Honestly, for me, when I go to register, there will be people who come ahead to help and register me to vote. Definitely CDPO (Cambodian Disabled People’s Organisation), we have board meetings. We always make sure that our DPO members disseminate the information to all types of people with disabilities when they make it back to their location to encourage them to register. The NEC still has not finalized its categorization of persons with disabilities. The NEC still needs to make some changes to fill the gap of what is lacking for disabled people. The NEC must build ramps. For me, I am blind in both eyes, I have such a hard time to get the information, so I would like to have the braille. If we don’t have braille, we will never have access to information about political policies. That is why we will never feel confident to make good decisions. Therefore, I would like to call out to all types of persons with disabilities like blind, physical disabilities, etc…... Please go ahead to register to vote. Don’t think that the registration is a difficult thing to go because we never have to wait for such a long time once you arrive there. There will be people to help us.


(Transcript ends)