Voter Services for October 2016 Election

Updated: November 2016
Cartoon persons with disabilities stand together. There is an inset sign language interpreter

In advance of elections in October 2016, the Central Election Commissions (CEC) of Georgia published a voter education video to their Facebook page with details about voter services availble to those with disabilities. A transcript of the video is available below.


To view the video, please click here.


--Transcript begins--


Election administration is offering different services to voters with disabilities for the elections held on 8th of October. For voters with physical disabilities, there will be lower booths on polling stations; for blind voters a ballot frame will be provided to help them to fill in the ballot, while for visually impaired voters - a magnifying sheet will be provided. A poster describing voting process will be displayed in polling stations for deaf voters or voters with hearing impairment. The CEC’s website is accessible for blind voters; information about candidates and elections is accessible in audio format. Every awareness raising/informative video is supported with sign language interpretation. More than 47 000 persons - precinct election commission members have been trained on how to assist voters with disabilities. The number of accessible polling stations have increased from 102 (in 2012) to 1115 (in 2016).


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