Accessible Election Puppet Show

Updated: May 2016
Two sock puppets talk to each other.

In 2016, the Chief Electoral Officer in Tamil Nadu, India, as a result of the advocacy of Disability Rights Alliance-Tamil Nadu, released a video of a puppet show that encourages voters with disabilities to participate on Election Day. The video can be downloaded as an MP4 file below. 




Puppet 1: Hi, aunty. How are you?


Puppet 2: I am fine.


Puppet 1: What are you going to do on May 16?


Puppet 2: I will be just at home.


Puppet 1: Are you not going to vote?


Puppet 2: Disabled persons like me will have to stand in queue for a long time to vote, you see.


Puppet 1: No aunty, this time election commission has set up ramps  in all polling booths  for all disabled persons to vote easily.  Not only that. All polling stations have wheel chairs and also volunteers to help.


Puppet 2: Oh is it so. Wow! Very good! very good! Then I am definitely going to vote this time.


Puppet 1: Super, aunty.


Puppet 2: All of you vote on May 16th without forgetting (without fail). Inform your friends, relatives and every body to vote 100%. Bye!


(audience claps)


Swarnalatha: Hello. My name is Swarnalatha. I am affected with a disease (health disability) [sic] called Multiple Sclerosis. I can only move with the support of a wheel chair, but I am definitely going to vote in this election. Then you? (What about you?) Do not forget. “May 16th - Vote 100%.”


Caption: We don’t have any barriers to cast our vote 100% honestly.  What about you?


-- End Transcript --