Let's Talk Elections

Updated: October 2017

In 2017, the National Elections Commission of Liberia (NEC), supported by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), produced a brief video to engage persons with disabilities to register and vote. A transcript of the video is available below.


(Transcript begins)


(music plays)


Naomi Harris: My name is Naomi B. Harris, president of the National Union Organization of the Disabled-Liberia. The National Union Organization of the Disabled-Liberia is the umbrella of all DPOs – DPOs mean disabled people’s organizations – in Liberia. Our organization comprises of 25 disabled people’s organizations that deal with different kinds of work in the disability arena. I’ve come to make a passionate appeal to all persons with disability in Liberia. It’s voting time again. This time, I’m appealing to each and every one of us that we, as disabled people, should take part in the election 2017. During the registration process, we want every person with disability to take part. Please, make it your duty. It is your right to choose who you want to lead this country. You know what we have gone through to the past, and if you want a change, this is the time to make the change. The change that you want – it will come if you go to the polls to make that change. No one can make the change for you. Rather, you going to the polls to make that change, so I am appealing to you: make it your duty to go to the polls and register and become one of the participants that will go and vote your right. Remember, it is your right. If you sit at home and say well, it’s other people’s thing, anyone against that today or tomorrow, whatever they do and leave you out, then you will complain. Rather, if you go out and you vote and choose that leader of yours, then you have done something for yourself and your children and will go on to another generation. Don’t let anybody vote for you. Go out there; be a part of the process and register. 


(Transcript ends)