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Pacific Framework for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Updated: July 2021
Indonesian woman voting in 2011

Goal 3 of the Pacific Framework for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities seeks to: 


Develop leadership and an enabling environment for rights-based disability-inclusive development. 




(a.) Support CRPD training for political and community leaders as well as government ministries;


(b.) Support leadership capacity building through DPOs, particularly for women with disabilities;


(c.) Support the development, review, and strengthening of CRPD compliant national policy and legislation;


(d.) Strengthen the representation of persons with disabilities in all relevant decision-making bodies and ensure their active involvement in the development and monitoring of any policies and legislation affecting them.



(i.) Political, civil society, church, faith-based organizations, educational, private sector, traditional and women leaders are trained on the CRPD;


(ii.) All Government focal point officers for persons with disabilities are trained on the CRPD;


(iii.) Five FICs establish parliamentary sub-committees on disabilities;


(iv.) Women with disabilities appointed to leadership positions within government ministries, PSOs, DPOs, and CSOs;


(v.) National law reform processes are undertaken to harmonize national policies and legislation with the CRPD;


(vi.) Regional model legislative provisions are developed to guide the national development of CRPD compliant legal frameworks.


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