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Population with a disability

according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

Election Dates

28 September 2009

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Constitution of the Republic of Turkey (1982, last amended 2011)

Updated: June 2015

Article 19 states:

…No one shall be deprived of his/her liberty except in the following cases where procedure and conditions are prescribed by law:…execution of measures taken in conformity with the relevant provisions of law for the treatment, education or rehabilitation of a person of unsound mind, an alcoholic, drug addict, vagrant, or a person spreading contagious diseases to be carried out in institutions when such persons constitute a danger to the public…


Article 76 states:

…Persons who have not completed primary education, who have been deprived of legal capacity…shall not be elected as a deputy…


Article 106 states:

In the event of a temporary absence of the President of the Republic on account of illness, travel abroad or similar circumstances, until the President of the Republic resumes his/her functions, and in the event that the Presidency falls vacant as a result of death or resignation or for any other reason, until the election of a new President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey shall serve as Acting President of the Republic and exercise the powers of the President of the Republic.


Article 139 states:

Judges and public prosecutors shall not be dismissed, or unless they request, shall not be retired before the age prescribed by the Constitution; nor shall they be deprived of their salaries, allowances or other rights relating to their status, even as a result of the abolition of a court or a post. Exceptions indicated in law relating to those convicted for an offence requiring dismissal from the profession, those who are definitely established as unable to perform their duties because of ill- health, or those determined as unsuitable to remain in the profession, are reserved.


Article 140 states:

…the conduct of investigation concerning them and the subsequent decision to prosecute them on account of offences committed in connection with, or in the course of, their duties, the conviction for offences or instances of incompetence requiring their dismissal from the profession… shall be regulated by law in accordance with the principles of the independence of the courts and the security of tenure of judges…


Article 147 states:

…Membership in the Constitutional Court shall terminate automatically if a member is convicted of an offence requiring his/her dismissal from the judicial profession, and by a decision of an absolute majority of the total number of members of the Constitutional Court if it is definitely established that he/she is unable to perform his/her duties on account of ill-health.


Excerpts from the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey (1982, last amended 2011)

Electoral Law (1961, last amended 1999)

Updated: June 2015

Article 2 states:

Elections are held based on the principles of free, equal and single stage public voting. Voters cast their votes in person.


Article 8 states:

The following shall not be entitled to cast vote:

(1) Those place under the care of a guardian,

(2) Persons prohibited from public service.


Article 36 states:

…Any disability of a voter to prevent the voter from casting his/her vote shall be noted on the form during registration of voters.


Article 73 states:

…The missing members shall be appointed by the chairman amongst literate persons eligible for voting in that ballot-box zone.


Excerpts from the Electoral Law (1961, last amended 1999)