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Total Population


Population with a disability

according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

Election Dates

28 September 2015

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Parliamentary Elections Act (2008, last amended 2011)

Updated: June 2015

Section 8, subsection (1) states:

Subject to the provisions of this Part, a person shall be entitled to be registered as a voter for a constituency if, and shall not be so entitled unless, on the day on which he applied for registration-

  • (a) he is a citizen of The Bahamas of full age and not subject to any legal incapacity; and
  • (b) he is, and has been during the whole of the period of three months immediately preceding that day, ordinarily resident in premises in that constituency.


Excerpt from the Parliamentary Elections Act (2008, last amended 2011)