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Population with a disability

according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

Election Dates

26 September 2008

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Federal Law on National Council Elections (1992, last amended 2012)

Updated: June 2015

Article 66 states:

(1) Voting has to be done in person…Physically or mentally handicapped voters or those with visual or auditory difficulties can be assisted in the casting of their vote by a person chosen and confirmed by them to the returning officer…

(2) Voters who are unable to fill in an official ballot paper without the help of another person are considered to be handicapped or having visual or auditory difficulties…

(3) Every vote cast with the assistance of an accompanying person is to be entered into the record.


Article 73, paragraph 2 states:

The acceptance of votes that are cast by other persons present during the casting of votes by voters voting with voting card who are bedridden or otherwise incapacitated is permissible.


Excerpts from the Federal Law on National Council Elections (1992, last amended 2012)

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Austria (1930, last amended 2014)

Updated: June 2015

Article 87, paragraph 3 states:

Business shall be allocated in advance among the judges of the Court of justice for the period provided by Federal law on the organization of the courts. A matter devolving upon a judge in accordance with this allocation may be removed from his jurisdiction only by decree of the chamber competent, in case of his being prevented from the discharge of his responsibilities or his being unable to cope with his duties, due to their extent, within a reasonable time.


Article 88a states:

Federal Law may provide for posts of substitute judges assigned to a superior court of justice. The number of such posts may not exceed three per cent of the number of judge posts assigned to the subordinate courts of justice. The employment of the substitute judges in charge at subordinate courts of justice and eventually at the superior court itself shall be determined by the competent chamber of the superior court, defined by Federal Law. Substitute judges may be entrusted only with the substitution of judges of subordinated courts of justice resp. of judges at the superior court of justice itself and only if these judges are prevented from the discharge of their responsibilities or are unable to cope with their duties, due to the extent of these, within a reasonable time.


Excerpts from the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Austria (1930, last amended 2014)