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Population with a disability

according to World Health Organization’s 15% estimate

Election Dates

23 July 2009

Ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Electoral Decree (2015)

Updated: September 2015

Article 9 states:

Members of the BED and BEC are recruited, transparently and in complete independence, by the Provisional Electoral Council, who determines the competence criteria. The CEP shall ensure that the quota of 30% women and 2% of persons with disabilities is respected on the occasion of the competition.


Article 92.1 states:

The political party or group that registers 30% women will benefit from a reduction of 40% on the registration fee. The political party or group that registers 10% of people with disabilities will benefit from a reduction of 30% on the registration fee.


Article 115 states:

...The candidates, political parties and groups, and State media will ensure the use of specialized communication that is accessible and adapted to the deaf and the blind for their entire integration and participation in the electoral process.


Article 157 states:

On Election Day, a citizen's physical disability can not be evoked to prohibit the right to vote. Only a citizen with a mental incapacity, duly noted and declared by a medical authority competence, loses his right to vote. Any voter with a physical disability may be accompanied by a person of their choice to vote. A report will be written in those circumstances. Similar facilities will also be accorded to pregnant women, elderly and other vulnerable persons. The Provisional Electoral Council will make all necessary arrangements to facilitate the exercise of the right to vote those voters, including the benefit of priority voting.


Article 157.1 states:

Specialized communication modes envisaged for the civic education campaign will be used at the time of voting for the deaf and the blind, namely: sign language, braille methods.


Excerpts from the Electoral Decree (2015)

Constitution of Haiti (1987, last amended 2012)

Updated: September 2015

Article 32-8 states:

The State guarantees to persons with special needs the protection, the education and any other means necessary for their full enjoyment and for their integration or reintegration into society.


Excerpt from the Constitution of Haiti (1987, last amended 2012)

Law on the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (2012)

Updated: September 2015

Chapter 9, Article 58 states:

The Electoral Council shall ensure that the equipment and election materials are appropriate, accessible, and easy to understand and use by persons with disabilities.


Chapter 9, Article 59 states:

At public elections, persons with disabilities vote by secret ballot and without intimidation. However, to vote, some persons with disabilities may, at their request, be assisted by a person of their choice. The electoral staff assigned to register candidates, polling centers and polling stations shall allow the assistant of the person with a disability to support the latter in the fulfillment of all formalities and acts that they cannot achieve alone.


Excerpt from the Law on the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (2012)