Team Up for Inclusive Elections: Anya

Updated: November 2020

In October 2020, Fight for Right, a disabled people's organization (DPO) in Ukraine, developed several videos to support the local Ukrainian election and increase voter education for persons with disabilities. The videos are a part of the Team Up for Inclusive Elections Project and supported by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and Global Affairs Canada. A transcript of the video is available below. 


[Transcript begins]


Anya: Hello! I am Anya.


Narrator: One day, Anya decided to learn how to paint like her father. But success requires effort and time. We often dream about big things and forget to start with small steps. For instance, we want to live in a successful country, but don’t go to the elections.


Anya: I want to live in a cozy and beautiful city, that’s why I will go to vote.


Narrator: COVID imprisoned you at home. But don’t let it take away your vote! Before visiting the polling station, don’t forget to put on your mask and gloves, take a pen, use hand sanitizer and keep 1.5 meters distance. Voters with psycho-social and intellectual disabilities can: come to vote at the polling station any convenient time between 8.00-20.00. ask questions to election commission members when things are not clear, seek assistance during the voting process, request information in easy to read formats. Big dreams begin with smaller steps. Give your voice on October 25th!


Anya: Let’s vote!


[Transcript ends]