Team Up for Inclusive Elections: Oleksandrand

Updated: March 2022

In October 2020, Fight for Right, a disabled people's organization (DPO) in Ukraine, developed several videos to support the local Ukrainian election and increase voter education for persons with disabilities. The videos are a part of the Team Up for Inclusive Elections Project and supported by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and Global Affairs Canada. A transcript of the video is available below.


[Transcript begins]


Oleksandrand: For me to move means to live. Sport has been an essential part of my life, for as long as I remember. Often in life, I face troubles, but I always keep up with sports. My name is Oleksandrand I have been playing basketball since childhood. For me, my city is the place I live in. So I do care about its future. I will go to vote on October 25th, because my voice is important in a democratic society!


Narrator: COVID has imprisoned you at home. But don’t let it take away your vote!


Oleksandrand: Like in sport, in life, you put in the effort to achieve something. You choose your strategy. Plan and measure every step. And only then you can expect to win!


Narrator: Local elections are about the accessibility of public spaces, good roads, expenditures for the development of local tourism and protection of the environment. Voters with physical disabilities can: check the accessibility of your polling station at, vote both at home and at the polling station, require local authorities to make elections accessible and receive assistance from election commission members upon request. And of course, don’t forget about your mask, pen, gloves and hand sanitizer! Are you still hesitant about whether your vote counts? Think about it! There are 2.7 million voters who have some type of disability in Ukraine. If you do not vote, we will lose 7% of all votes!


Oleksandrand: Let’s vote!


[Transcript ends]