COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

Updated: April 2020

This video by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) uses Tunisian Sign Language with English subtitles to describe COVID-19, its origin, how it spreads and how people can protect themselves against COVID-19. 

The video was posted on Tunisia’s Ministry of Social Affairs Facebook page and the Tunisian Electoral Sign Language Lexicon, “My Sign, My Voice,” mobile application and website, which IFES developed in partnership with disabled people's organizations ahead of the 2019 Tunisian elections.  


An English transcript is available below. 


[Transcript begins]


Rami Elloumi: ​Hello and welcome to all Deaf persons. We would like to explain what Coronavirus is, when it started and finally what are its risks.


Rahma Jerbi: This virus started in China and it’s very contagious. Now it’s spread all over the world and it recently reached Tunisia, unfortunately.


Rami Elloumi: OK, I see. What are the risks of this virus and how can I protect myself from it?


Rahma Jerbi: It’s easy. You should always wash your hands with water and soap. And when you sneeze, use paper to cover your mouth, then put it in the trash can. Also, try to avoid places where people are gathering. And most importantly, don’t approach persons who carry the symptoms of the virus. Doing these precautions, I can protect myself.


Rami Elloumi: OK, I understand now. We all have to be careful and cautious and protect ourselves from this virus. This is important to protect the health of everyone.


Rami and Rahma: Thank you, bye!


[Transcript ends]