Peaceful Election

Updated: August 2017

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), with the support of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), produced a series of videos on the electoral process. The transcript of the video on peace, which includes a woman with a physical disability, is below.


(Transcript begins)


Man 1: Peace to me, means living as one.


Man 2: Laughing with my neighbor.


Man 3: Opportunities for everyone.


Woman 1: Love.


Woman 2: That my friends and family are happy and safe.


Man 4: Being together to achieve something.


Woman 3: It’s safety in the country.


Woman 4: You can go out and do what you need to do.


Woman 5: You can interact with each other without any limitations.


Woman 6: Peace is integrity; it’s love.


Woman 7: There is happiness everywhere.


Woman 8: Peace means loving each other.


Woman 9: The togetherness as one.


Woman 10: I’m able to make my decisions.


Woman 5: It’s only in peace that Kenya can develop, that Kenya can be Kenya.


Man 5: Don’t vote because your best friend is going to vote for a certain leader.


Man 6: In life, you can choose everything, but choosing your neighbor is not easy.


Woman 11: I am signing the peace pledge.


Man 5: Definitely, I am going to sign the peace pledge.


Woman 7: I will sign. I pray for peace.


Man 7: Definitely yes, I would like to sign it myself.


Woman 3: I will sign the peace pledge.


Woman 2: Yes, I will sign the peace pledge, and I would encourage other Kenyans to do the same.


Man 2: I will personally sign the pledge to make sure that Kenya remains peaceful.


Woman 6: We are all Kenyans. We should sign this thing.


Man 6: The person who determines your future is you.


Man 4: I want oneness. Togetherness. Everyone out there, sign this pledge.


Woman 8: Kenya is my country, and it a beautiful country.


Woman 2: Just the process.


Man 1: This election will come and pass and life will continue, so let’s stay in peace. One country, one nation, peace.


Woman 10: There is Kenya even after 8th.


Many voices: Peace, it’s a beautiful thing. Go free and peaceful country.


Voiceover: Millions of Kenyans are committed to a peaceful election. We do so for the protection of our communities, families, and children. We will remain peaceful for the safety of our schools, markets, businesses, farms and for the people we love. I choose my country and her people above all else. I commit to a peaceful and credible election. Do you?


(Transcript ends)