Accessible Vote (TV Spot)

Updated: July 2016

In 2015, the Tribunal Suprema de Justicia Electoral (TSJE) produced a series of videos to facilitate access of persons with disabilities to the election. The spot featured here notes accessible voting options. The transcript begins below.




(music plays)


Voiceover: Accessible voting facilitates the exercise of active suffrage of persons with disabilities. It has already been guaranteed for those beneficiaries as noted in the Electoral Code and those who are pregnant and older adults. Voting from home is a convenience to which a person is referred when they have a severe physical disability or motor function that does not allow them to come to the polling station. These electors will vote in their residences. In the November 15th municipal elections, polling stations will have Accessible Tables in places easy to access so that voters can avoid going up stairs or walking long distances. There will also be help desks in the main entrance of polling stations to help persons with disabilities. Anyone can find a braille ballot, magnifying glass, pencil grip, and audiovisual material for persons with hearing disabilities. We all have rights and obligations as citizens. Participate!


--Transcript ends--