Voting Assistance for Persons with Hearing DIsabilities

Updated: July 2016

In 2015, Justicia Electoral Paraguay produced a series of videos to inform Deaf voters of voting procedures. This video is available to poll workers on Election Day to help them explain the process to Deaf voters. A transcript of the video is available below.




Voting Procedure


Step 1: Present your voter identification card.


Step 2: The two voting officers will sign the back of the ballot.


Step 3: They will give you two ballots--one for Mayor, and the other for City Council--and the pen for the voting booth.


Step 4: In the voting booth, you will be able to mark both ballots in the rectangle of the candidate or party list that you prefer. For your vote to be valid, you should mark only one list or candidate in the corresponding row.


Step 5: Return both ballots to the president [of the polling place] so that the back is signed.


Step 6: They will indicate that you tint the right index finger up to the cuticle.


Step 7: The ballots are deposited into their respective bags.


Step 8: They return your card and give you a voting certificate.


--End transcript--