Interview with Fatma Wangare

Updated: January 2016

In this 2015 video, which was produced by Inclusion International with support from the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) as part of the My Voice Matters! campaign, interviewee Fatma Wangara from Kenya briefly describes the Accessing the Ballot Box project about persons with intellectual disabilities increasing their political participation and being able to exercise their full rights as citizens.




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Ms. Wangare: It’s the project on access to the ballot box, which we are implementing together with Zanzibar and Lebanon with Inclusion International. In this project, we hope to enhance political participation of persons with intellectual disabilities, so we’ll be working with families, self-advocates, and electoral commission of Kenya to ensure that there’s reasonable accommodation for voting rights for persons with intellectual disability and the voting system is accessible to all persons with intellectual disability.


--End of transcript—