Self-advocate from Lebanon: Accessing the Ballot Box

Updated: January 2016

In this 2015 video, which was produced by Inclusion International with support from the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) as part of the My Voice Matters! campaign, a self-advocate from Lebanon who has an intellectual disability speaks up about his experience when trying to vote at the polling station, and his determination to vote despite resistance from people there.   




(music plays)

Man: I was in the line to go to vote. When it was my turn, the person at the desk told me to go to the back of the queue. I said, “Why? It’s my turn.” They said, “Go to the back of the line. If you don’t like it, go home!” I went to the back of the line and waited. People didn’t want me to vote. They started pushing. I decided to stay. I went into the booth and voted. Then I left.


--End of transcript—