Equal Rights, Equal Access

Updated: May 2016

Ensuring all citizens have access to the electoral process is a cornerstone of a vibrant democracy. With this in mind, many countries have ratified the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; however, some continue to struggle with its implementation. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works around the world to secure and protect the electoral rights of persons with disabilities. This short video features a sample of those who have been impacted by IFES' programming in electoral access.




Narrator: IFES strives to remove barriers that prohibit full participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities as voters and candidates. When these barriers are removed, everyone benefits.

Ana: [IFES' partner] is helping us with the mobile ramps. It is important that we be integrated within society. Therefore, our wish is to participate at the polling station itself.

Abdulsalam: If persons with disabilities join the electoral process, it will also be a process of empowerment and improvement to practice their rights and earn the respect of others. The ultimate goal is social justice, which will achieve equality amongst all.

Ko Myint: If all disabled persons organizations will keep up their momentum and work harder, it is certain that the electoral rights of persons with disabilities will become the same as all citizens. We will be able to vote equally, will be able to be elected as equally as all citizens.

Eladia: I had never before seen that persons with disabilities were taken into consideration when it comes to how to vote or work at a polling station. This has given me a lot of happiness because it has opened a door we didn't have before. Many thanks, IFES. Now I am here to vote because I want to vote. And I also have to work!

Narrator: IFES empowers the underrepresented to participate in political life. This includes promoting equal rights, justice and political participation for persons with disabilities worldwide.


-- End of transcript --