Voter registration

Updated: January 2016

This video was produced by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in the Philippines to encourage citizens with disabilities to vote and to provide information on the voting process, including instructions on which type of paperwork to bring and, if the voter with a disability would like assistance, directions for who may be an assistant.




(Participants are speaking in Tagalog)

EMB Commissioner Rene Sarmiento: This is an invitation from COMELEC for persons with disabilities or PWDs to register to vote. How? Here’s a video to guide you.

Narrator: Visit the Office of the Election Officer or Satellite Registration Sites. Bring a valid identification card such as employee’s ID, Social Security System, Senior Citizen’s ID, Student’s ID or other valid IDs. The applicant for registration may be asked to present additional document such as birth certificate, proof of billing for the election officer (EO) to verify the place of residence. In the absence of an ID, the identity of the applicant may be ascertained by a registered voter residing in the precinct where the applicant belongs to or by a relative.

Election Officer: You have no ID? Did anyone accompany you here?

Applicant: Yes, my neighbor is here.

Narrator: After verifying identity, you will be asked to accomplish the registration form and the supplementary form where you will indicate your disability and the assistance you will require on election day. The following are allowed to assist a person who is not able to accomplish form by her or himself: 1) election officer, 2) member of accredited citizen’s arm, 3) relative, or 4) any trusted member of the applicant’s household. Assistors should be at least 18 years old and duly registered as a voter where the applicant is registering. Assistors fill Annex C Form Certification/Attestation by Assistor.

After submitting all forms, the applicant’s biometrics information will be captured including photo, signature and fingerprints. The applicant will then take an oath before the election officer.

Get the Acknowledgement Receipt as proof of your application to register.

Applicant: PWDs, let’s go! Let’s register to vote!


-- End of transcript --