Captions for videos

Captions describe text which appears on the screen along with the audio and video, and follow the same timing. A transcript is a written record of the conversation in a video. A transcript of has the same word-for-word content as captions, but presented in a separate document. provides transcripts for all videos. An example transcript from Nepal is shown below: 


[Transcript begins]

Interviewer: Could you please tell us your disability type?

Parajuli: I have a physical disability in my right hand.

Interviewer: As a woman with a disability, have you ever faced or tackled any types of institutional or community barriers you would like to share with us?

Parajuli: When I was child, I had low self-esteem because there were no persons with disabilities around me, but my parents were so supportive of me - they told me I could to do anything that I wanted to do - so I think today, I am here because of their support and encouragement.

[Transcript ends]


If you prefer to turn on captions when watching a video, move the cursor over the video. A bar should appear at the bottom of the video image. On the right of the bar should be a box with the letters “CC” inside (shown inside a gold circle in the screenshot below).



Click on the box labeled "CC." If there is only one option (e.g. English), a red line will appear under the box to indicate that captions have been switched on, as shown below.